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KPRDO asks Macleods to desist from appointing a new dealer in Bengaluru to cater to special discounts offers

Nandita Vijayasimha, Bengaluru
Wednesday, July 10, 2024, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

The Karnataka Pharma Retailers & Distributors Organisation (KPRDO) is apprehensive about Macleods Pharmaceuticals’ move to appoint a new dealer in Bengaluru, exclusively to cater to all the special discount offers and supplies across Karnataka.
The current step bypasses and denies such opportunities to the existing company appointed wholesalers/stockists/dealers, pointed out KPRDO.
C Jayaram, president, KPRDO said, “We are now given to understand that Macleods Pharmaceuticals has taken a detrimental decision, which may cause severe damage to the harmonious business atmosphere between the company and the trade. This is a disturbing trend.”
“We express our deep anguish and strongly oppose this unsolicited action of the company. We fail to understand the need for the company to make such a detrimental decision, when we have been working together with good understanding for so many years,” he added.
It is a well-established fact that our wholesalers, stockists, dealers & retailers play a crucial role in ensuring the reach, availability of your company products to every corner of Karnataka. It holds true with our trade pharmacists fraternity in the same profession, across India. This crucial support system, the company has been enjoying for many decades, since inception. There has been a harmonious business atmosphere between the company and the trade, which we always appreciated, said the KPRDO president.
Noting that the KPRDO strongly feels that all our wholesale members across the state have been supporting your company all these years, to establish it as a leading pharmaceutical company in the state, Jayaram said, the dynamics of the market have changed. We have been at the receiving end on many fronts, the retail chains, with deep pockets, operating with deep and predatory discounts on one hand and unhealthy competition from the private limited or LLP wholesales establishment, on the other. We are fighting with our might to face these challenges to remain relevant, said Jayaram.
In such a scenario, Macleods Pharmaceuticals’ unwarranted action of creating a monopoly, by appointing an exclusive dealer, wholesaler, stockist, bypassing the existing company appointed stockists or wholesalers, is strongly and highly condemnable. You are denying such opportunity to the existing stockists, which is not at all acceptable, stated the KPRDO president.
In view of these, we request you to revert your decision and support your distribution partners by routing sales through existing appointed stockists/wholesalers who have been working with you for many decades, he said.


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G Mahesh Jul 10, 2024 12:27 PM
The trend of appointing Hospital distributors will be indirectly reduces business to existing distributors,its like telling i will take the cream of the cake you slog for the rest.Why one should give special price,extra schemes extended credit period and special hospital brands to hospitals ? Would they transfer profits to patients.
Some Hospitals Distributors sell the products in free trade and spoiling the entire atmosphere of pharma fraternity.
We strongly feel whether its a hospital or retailrs no special rates to be solicited uniformity in wholesale price will solve the above problem.
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