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Homoeopathy practitioners want Centre to encourage research to remove doubts about the system

Peethambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai.
Wednesday, July 5, 2023, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

The Homoeopathy practitioners in India wanted the Union health ministry to take steps to quell the increasing doubts among people about Homoeopathy and wanted the ministry to support research in the system to convince people that it is a powerful system of treatment to address various chronic and critical diseases.

The second Homoeopathy Vijnan Sammelan (scientific conference) held in Noida last week passed a resolution in this regard and wanted the government of India to allow sufficient funds to research organisations and private practitioners to conduct scientific research in Homoeopathy.

The association felt that it is necessary to regain the confidence of the people about Homoeopathy treatments as several of them have been inculcated the impression that Homoeopathy has only a placebo effect and no therapeutic results. The bad remark on Homoeopthy is being made by some people of the modern scientific community.

While speaking about the scientific conference, Dr. S Praveen Kumar, general secretary of the Global Homoeopathy Foundation (GHF) which organises a series of conferences across the country, said the research will help to bridge the gap between the Homoeopathy practitioners and the common man. People are not aware of the efficacy and strength of the homoeo remedies in curing diseases. The system has the potential to address several emerging diseases including viral infections. So, research study is urgently needed to prove its efficacy.

"Fundamental research is the major important area that requires research immediately. Secondly more research study is needed in the area of clinical side. Thirdly, comprehensive research is necessary in the field of drug development. The government should increase the research fund and the private healthcare institutions should also be encouraged to support Homoeopathy as it is the second largest treatment system in the world. Currently, a lot of organisations are doing research, they should be supported. The study will explore the possibilities for areas wherever homeopathy can be applied to solve the healthcare problems faced by the humanity," he said.

He said the directorate general of health services can take the initiative to recommend fund for research and at the same time private institutions can also contribute. Dr. Praveen said he has recently completed a research in addressing antimicrobial resistance by the application of homoeopathic remedies. He will submit the report to the Union health ministry next month. He said the deliberations of the homoeopths in the Vijnan Sammelans are mainly focusing on research activities. Next month, the third conference in the series will be conducted in Pune.

When asked what are the major doubts among people about Homoeopthy, Dr. Praveen said not all the people have any doubt, but some people of the scientific community and a section of the modern medical system raise the allegation that homoeopthic medicines have no therapeutic effect and they are diluted. But, those who follow the system strictly know that it is powerful and more powerful than the allopathic medicine. This strength of the treatment system of homoeopthic has to be proved with evidence, for which a concerted effort of all stakeholders is required besides government support. The series of Vijnan Sammelans are conducted mainly to achieve this goal and also to increase awareness about Homoeopthy among the people, he told Pharmabiz.

After the impending Pune conference, the fourth and fifth conferences will be conducted in Chennai and in Kochi respectively. The programme is sponsored by Vijnan Bharati.


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