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Special Features
  Opportunities in Chinese CBEC market for OTC drugs,   May 21, 2024
  National Commission of Pharmacy Bill 2023 - A game changer?,   May 15, 2024
  Immuno-oncology: A new hope for cancer patients,   May 08, 2024
  Establishing repository of ML Schroff’s work - a fitting tribute!,   May 01, 2024
  Use of vitamins – control on paper, chaos in practice!,   April 24, 2024
  Anxiety disorders strongly affecting the quality of sleep,   April 17, 2024
  Strengthening pharmacoeconomics in pharmacy education!,   April 10, 2024
  Bridging traditional wisdom with modern healthcare: The rise of ayurvedic medicines in India,   April 03, 2024
  Ayurveda institutions are mushrooming in Punjab,   March 27, 2024
  Linear understanding of linearity of analytical method validation,   March 20, 2024
  Traditional or evidence based Ayurveda approach,   March 13, 2024
  Innovations and compliance: Financial management in the surgical products industry,   March 06, 2024
  Harnessing optical scanners & chromatography: A ray of hope against substandard drugs and counterfeits,   February 28, 2024
  The future of herbal supplements: Ayush industry's growth and investment trajectory,   February 21, 2024
  Synergising phytosomes with AI: Exploring innovative intersections in healthcare and beyond,   February 07, 2024
  GHS classification of drugs based on LD50 - more cons than prose,   January 31, 2024
  Novel drug development and contract manufacturing services,   January 24, 2024
  Impacts of APIs on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems,   January 17, 2024
  Ayush sciences - a swot analysis of upcoming challenges,   January 10, 2024
  Preclinical drug safety evaluation studies – issue of relying only on conventional statistical analysis,   January 03, 2024

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