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Special Features
  Harnessing optical scanners & chromatography: A ray of hope against substandard drugs and counterfeits,   February 28, 2024
  The future of herbal supplements: Ayush industry's growth and investment trajectory,   February 21, 2024
  Synergising phytosomes with AI: Exploring innovative intersections in healthcare and beyond,   February 07, 2024
  GHS classification of drugs based on LD50 - more cons than prose,   January 31, 2024
  Novel drug development and contract manufacturing services,   January 24, 2024
  Impacts of APIs on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems,   January 17, 2024
  Ayush sciences - a swot analysis of upcoming challenges,   January 10, 2024
  Preclinical drug safety evaluation studies – issue of relying only on conventional statistical analysis,   January 03, 2024
  Academic interest of pharmacologist in herbal/Ayush medicine,   December 27, 2023
  Stigma of mental health in workplace: Breaking down barriers,   December 20, 2023
  The rise of India as a hub for clinical trials: Factors, regulations & opportunities,   December 13, 2023
  National Pharmacy Commission – its vision, mission & omissions!,   December 06, 2023
  Unravelling the paradox of declining patient experience,   November 28, 2023
  Role of AI in fall risk assessment: Enhancing safety through predictive analytics,   November 21, 2023
  Harnessing Ayush & Ayurveda: India's path to become a soft superpower,   November 14, 2023
  Clinical data management - the past, present and future,   November 08, 2023
  How CFOs unlock growth in mid-sized pharma cos by unlocking financial potential,   November 01, 2023
  Government investments and initiatives prove importance of homoeopathy in public health,   October 25, 2023
  MD Ayurveda: Essential qualification in Traditional Medicine,   October 18, 2023
  Ensuring safety in diagnostics lab: Proper handling and disposal of biological samples,   October 11, 2023

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