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  Gujarat FDCA unveils blueprint to fortify public health,   April 01, 2024
  Transformative role of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing healthcare,   February 29, 2024
  Maharashtra FDA gearing up to tackle illicit drugs trade,   January 04, 2024
  Rusan Pharma’s new API facility in MP to revolutionize pain management,   December 21, 2023
  IPC specifications similar to global standards,   February 01, 2023
  IPC, a unique platform for professional interaction,   January 17, 2023
  India offers promising opportunities and cannot be ignored,   August 29, 2022
  Pharmexcil to explore export promotion opportunities for pharma exporters by holding B2B and BSM meets,   November 10, 2021
  Technology accelerates new age clinical research to fast track human studies,   June 30, 2021
  Indian pharma garners global recognition with its capability in Covid-19 vaccine,   March 12, 2021
  Moving away from China for APIs cannot happen overnight,   December 03, 2020
  Med-tech ramps up accurate diagnosis with AI and algorithms,   January 02, 2020
  MSMEs contribution to Indian pharma significant,   November 07, 2019
  Advanced flooring, integral part of pharma & healthcare infrastructure,   April 24, 2019
  Cyber security key in pharma and healthcare to ensure protection of information,   January 24, 2019
  Rising burden of NCDs impacts Indian healthcare scene,   October 11, 2018
  IT and AI impacting standards of Indian healthcare,   August 20, 2018
  Indian Pharma Inc shifts to high gear in filing patents,   April 19, 2018
  Implications of cyber-attacks on healthcare sector critical,   January 10, 2018
  India has miles to go for accessing safe blood,   November 06, 2017

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