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KIMS doctors perform unique robotic medical procedure for pancreatic cancer

Our Bureau, Hyderabad
Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) a multispeciality research hospital has successfully performed a challenging and complex robotic medical procedure for pancreatic cancer in Hyderabad.

Dr D Madhu, consultant surgical oncologists and robotic surgeon at KIMS termed this medical procedure as one of the most encouraging developments in the medical field. “Robotic whipples procedure is already being implemented for treating several cancers. However at KIMS we have successfully implemented this unique robotic surgery on three patients suffering from pancreatic cancer in various stages and medical conditions,” informed Dr Madhu.

Explaining further the doctors explained that pancreatic cancer is also referred to as pancreaticoduodenum.  Whipple surgery using robots removes the head of the pancreas, where most tumours occur. Robotic is more advanced than laparoscopic where the surgeon will make small incisions in abdomen and insert instruments including a camera. Da Vinci robotic device is used and it moves more precisely and easily than the human hand. In an open surgery, a large abdominal incision has to be made to access all the organs.

Elaborating on the developments, Dr Madhu explained that in the last few months, KIMS Hospitals has successfully intervened pancreatic cancer patients through advanced robotic whipples surgery. “The robotic method has advantages over the conventional open surgeries. The advanced procedures have ensured that the patient can be shifted to the room and not ICU, something where the cost factor comes down for the patient’s family. The procedure is highly advanced and we are equipped well to operate only on the affected region with advanced magnification and high precision. The scope of intervening with the surrounding areas is drastically reduced, minimizing the risks of conventional surgery,” Dr Madhu said.

According to Dr Madhu robotic whipple surgery is more advantageous as it reduces the hospital stay and makes way for quicker recovery too. Particularly patients with advanced stage of cancer can be opted with this procedure.


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