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AyurVAID Hospital initiates online petition titled “Include Ayurveda under IAF Medical RR”, receives over 400 responses

Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru
Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

AyurVAID Hospitals, the country’s first NABH accredited Ayurveda healthcare provider, has initiated an online petition titled ‘Include Ayurveda under Indian Armed Forces Medical Reimbursement Rules’(IAFMRR). The online petition has now received 450 supporting responses in just six days from across the country and world.

The first-ever online petition set-off following the Director General of Armed Forces Medical Services statement on his inability before Delhi High Court to incorporate Ayurveda to reimburse medical expenses of the Indian Armed Forces personnel.

“Between ignorance and apathy, the DG-AFMS today has taken a position that is truly ‘lose-lose’ for all stakeholders, the armed forces personnel and their families, Ayurveda sector participants of all types, and finally India as a nation. Restrictive trade practices towards Ayurveda has significant direct economic consequences and equally important non-economic consequences. Ayurveda medical care, with its proven treatments for chronic diseases can complement what modern medicine is best at- acute and emergency medical management. If this integration successfully happens a lot of jobs in manufacturing, services, education, and agriculture, will be created in the Ayurveda sector benefiting the nation and our armed forces,” said Rajiv Vasudevan, CEO, AyurVAID Hospitals, the face behind the online campaign.

The National Health Policy in 2002 and the 12th Five Year Plan acknowledge   Ayush systems. People opt for Ayush especially for prevention, wellness and conditions where modern medicine has severe limitations. This is much relevant to Armed Forces too and to deny medical reimbursement scheme for the serving and retired armed forces is surprising, Professor Bhushan Patwardhan, Professor Bhushan Patwardhan, vice chancellor, Symbiosis International University and editor-in-chief, Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine told Pharmabiz.

“Reasons to consider this directive as inappropriate are that Indian healthcare is incomplete without integrating Ayush. The World Health Organization recognizes traditional medicine for affordable, safe and effective healthcare. China and Korea are aggressively integrating traditional medicine at all levels within their countries and abroad. There is overwhelming global demand that the choice of a preferred system of medicine should be recognized as a fundamental human right. Earlier, attempts to restrict or ban Ayurveda by the EU or by the UK’s House of Lords could be due to certain vested interests and typical western bias in putting such trade barriers. But increased health costs and limitations to modern medicine treatments is building pressure from global community. In this background, we hope the DG AFMS would reconsider the decision by respecting and accepting our own traditional medicine in the best interest of its personnel and the people of India,” added Prof. Patwardhan.

India where ayurveda originated has its government officials being  positively partial to recommend western medicine without recognizing traditional medicine’s long history of use and efficacy. “No wonder even the former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee was embarrassed when an US FDA official questioned him in New York at a healthcare exposition that when India itself did not recognize Ayurveda medicines and how could its government demand US recognition for its traditional medicine. Time has now come to give the rights of which system of healthcare that a patient  wants to take and not thrust pharmaceuticals down his throat. Hence the Defence Ministry should demonstrate leadership by accepting the demand of the memorandum on the petition,” stated Dr DBA Narayanan, eminent Ayurveda scientist.

Expressing his disappointment on the ensuing developments, JSD Pani, president, Karnataka Indian Medicine Manufacturers Association(KIMMA)  said that it was the Union government's fault not to encourage a science that finds reference in ancient history with instances on the curative and preventive properties of plant medicine. It is the time now for Ayush experts to enlighten the Armed Forces on the benefits of this traditional science that has the dual benefits to treat and keep the Armed Forces personnel fit.


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DrPrakash Deshpande Jun 28, 2012 10:27 PM
It's time Ayurvedic medicine is re-validated for the benefit of Human Race, all over the world. The politicians the world over can play the power game, but not through pharmaceuticals as it is equivalent to playing with lifes of innocent people the world over.
ProfSuresh Kumar Jun 22, 2012 12:42 AM

When Defence Minister himself is entitled for any treatment including Ayurveda , Siddha or allopathic from Ministry of Defence or from through Government of India funds, why this facility is not for a army Jawan?

The Secretary to GoI, Ministry of Defence is also entitled for Ayurveda Treatment. ? Why not - Mr. PV Manesh, NSG Commando.

This is democratic India in 2012, not colonial ruled state of pre Independence era, where most of the entitlements were different for British Officers and Indian jawnan in Army.

This is casual governance and lack of proper supervision of interests of army jawans.

All Indians have right to take any type of treatment ( AYUSH or Allopathy) which benefit him.

All ( AYUSH or Allopathy) are recognised and are GoI sponsored. So why to deny right of treatment Ayurveda to - Mr. PV Manesh, NSG Commando.

Why is Govt of India is spending crores of public money for establishing All India
pawan rajyan Jun 20, 2012 10:02 AM
a good initiative
rajkumar Jun 19, 2012 10:32 PM
welldone,keep it up
ckkatiyar Jun 19, 2012 9:24 AM
It is a shame on Govt. If Armed Forces do not recognize Ayurveda I fail to understand why DRDO/ INMAS are conducting research on Herbal druigs for decades and spending income tax payers' money in vain. Why DRDO boasts of developing Noni based product if they are not able to extend this benefit to our own Jawans? Why CAG does not ask this question from Ministry of Defence?
I think this matter should be brought to the knowledge of Army Chief, may be he would take some positive steps.
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