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Programmatic platforms a boon for pharma marketers for advertising on medical portals with utmost precision: Experts

Shardul Nautiyal, Mumbai
Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Programmatic platforms have proven to be a boon for pharma marketers for advertising on medical portals with utmost precision. Such platforms are automated advertising technologies that use algorithms to target specific audiences like healthcare professionals (HCPs), according to experts.

Marketers can advertise the brand to specific cohorts considering age, location, specialty, surfing history and psychographic.

“Doceree is a unique programmatic platform that helps pharma marketers advertise on medical portals with utmost precision. Marketers can advertise the brand to specific cohorts considering age, location, specialty, surfing history, and psychographic. Google, Facebook and YouTube also use programmatic technologies to advertise to patients and caregivers. Whenever a person searches for treatment, the algorithm precisely delivers an ad. This form of advertising works best for OTC and medical device brands,” according to Gauri Chaudhari, co-founder, Brand Innerworld.

“At Brand Innerworld, we evaluated digital practices in the pharma industry and published an e-report, "Omnichannel Opportunities for Pharma Brand Promotion," free for pharma marketers to download link to e-report https://brandinnerworld.com/omnichannel-opportunities/,” Gauri Chaudhari informed.

Chaudhari further explained that despite doctors and patients moving to digital platforms for information, pharma marketing remained stuck in the past. Lockdown during the pandemic forced the industry to shed its inertia. Today the industry is taking digital more seriously. Some pharma businesses are digital beginners, while others are more advanced.

Though the industry follows varied practices, one of them for the digitally forward marketers is content marketing. Promotion in pharma is about educating and persuading HCPs through powerful content. While educating doctors was the primary responsibility of the MRs, Google changed the trajectory.
No more HCPs must wait for the MRs' next visit. This reality compelled marketers to move to digital media. Today content marketing through emails, messaging or webinars is common among digital beginners. Digitally forward marketers are a step ahead. They are creating quality content and developing digital assets to deliver it effectively. Digital assets often include microsites, landing pages, YouTube channels, and Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Then they invest in SEO technologies to get their content on the top of Google search results.

“Medical platforms like DocMode, Medgini, MediSage, Roundglass, Curofy and THB provide excellent content creation and promotion opportunities. Webinars through some of these portals have gained good traction. Digital content promotion generates a conducive environment, and MR can use In-clinic time more effectively. A brand must be recalled at the time of prescription. HCPs often forget brand names soon after MR leaves the clinic. Advertisements boost brand recall, yet mass media advertising is too expensive for non-prescription and not allowed for prescription brands,” Chaudhari explained.

Social media is popular amongst doctors. There are doctor-only communities on Facebook and LinkedIn. The discussions in communities or on #Medtwitter can shape prescription beliefs and behaviors. Digitally forward marketers listen to social media conversations to craft brand messages.

“Digitally forward marketers are effectively using influencer marketing to create a positive impact on their brands. The brand partners with digital KOLs (DOLs) and patient advocates generating discussions around disease and therapies. Today, pharma marketers are giving digital strategy serious consideration. Together, the industry has come a long way. Sharing knowledge and developing standards is essential for the industry to dazzle in the digital realm,” Chaudhari further said.


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