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Aviation and aerospace medicines take centre-stage at Aero India 2023

Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru
Friday, February 17, 2023, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Startups maximized the Aero India 2023 platform to showcase self-reliance research and technology development of wearable devices, medical diagnostics and monitoring equipment which are designed to function as point-of-care gadgets in remote, inaccessible terrains and war-fields. The focus of these startups are early detection, preventive health, wellness and nutritional requirements.

A slew of aviation and aerospace focused medical devices and continuous monitoring systems for pilots and aircrew made their debut at the Aero India 2023 the bi-annual event which is being held in Bengaluru from February 13 to 17, 2023.

According to officials, aerospace medicine is a subspecialty that focuses on the health, safety, and performance of both crew members and passengers of air and space vehicles. There is considerable interest generated in this area going by the country’s capability in space research and aviation. Further, this specialty also opens up avenues in identifying innovation in biomedical engineering (BE), involving space medicine. Further digital technology, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, robots and 5G will also accelerate development of aerospace and aviation medicine.

Among the notable ones included AstroVest positioned as the country’s first textile-based health monitoring attire to be used for in-flight pilot monitoring is ready to be tested by the Indian Air Force in the next few months. It will undergo stringent military certification that will be completed in the next three months.

The wearable and washable vest can continuously monitor physiological parameters like ECG, EEG, heart and respiration rate, blood pressure, SPo2 and body temperature. The data can be transferred in real time and will be transferred to an medical expert for evaluation, stated K Rajaguranathan, director, AstroMeda at the event.

Pharmabiz has earlier reported that the Indian Aerospace Medicine too had developed state-of-the-art Spatial Disorientation Simulator in the premises to impart training to the aircrew. The device, provides a realistic experience on common flight illusions faced by aviators, especially combat pilots. It is capable of six degrees freedom and rotation and can generate 13 types of illusions. The new equipment will allow in-flight tuning and acclimation for the aircrew. The ISAM is keen to identify the health factors that impinge pilots during an aircraft crisis which include air sickness, psychological pressure and stress. In addition night vision goggles training for helicopter training of the Indian Air Force, Army and Navy in the indigenously developed laboratory in its premises.

There have been tieups in the past with Indian Space Research Organisation [ISRO] and Indian Institute of Aviation Medicine is planning to tap the opportunities in space medicine and exobiology. There are several projects in the pipeline for India in exobiology with other countries. The study areas being considered include protein synthesis, aerobic cell cultivation and efficacy of yogic exercises under micro-gravity.

Bengaluru-based Science Beyond Frontiers (SBF) Healthcare is known for its Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) therapy to treat osteoarthritis and cancer patients has proven. The RFQMR procedure involves the use of a computer-controlled device called 'Cytotron'. The apparatus directs the RFQMR beams on the affected joint. The beams modify the cell to activate and regenerate. This results in the stimulation of cartilage growth in case of osteoarthritis. The regeneration of tissues increases the mobility and improves the movement of joints of the affected patient. The treatment according to the company has been scientifically proved with clinical trials to be painless and safe.


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