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Akums launches diabetes drug lobeglitazone in India

Our Bureau, Mumbai
Monday, February 6, 2023, 14:30 Hrs  [IST]

Akums Drugs and Pharmaceutical Limited, India's leading contract drug manufacturing company (CDMO) has given a boost to the treatment of type 2 diabetes with the launch of the novel antidiabetic drug ‘lobeglitazone’. The drug, released by the company, is a new formulation manufactured specifically for type 2 diabetic patients by helping them improve pancreatic beta-cell function.
With the release, Akums has become the first CDMO to launch lobeglitazone tablets for commercial consumption. The drug was formulated for type 2 diabetics who secrete insulin but have poor insulin sensitivity in their organs, making them less able to utilise insulin. Lobeglitazone is a one-of-a-kind medication which has a relatively low risk of hypoglycemia. The unique formulation was manufactured to improve insulin resistance rather than force its release from the pancreas.
New figures released by the International Diabetes Federation show that over 1 in 12 adults in India are affected by the condition. The number of people with diabetes in India is the second highest in the world (74 million), after China (141 million). Over half of people living with diabetes in India are undiagnosed. A further 40 million adults in India have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), which places them at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
"This novel product is the result of in-depth research & development and tireless commitment to the production of new drug formulations for the Indian market. The tablet has been proven to reduce blood sugar levels, improve lipid and liver profiles, and lower haemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) levels. The fact that we're the first CDMO to do this tells a lot about our focus on innovation to offer more effective treatment for the patients," said Sanjeev Jain, managing director of Akums.
In another statement, Sandeep Jain, Managing Director of Akums noted the importance of innovation. "It's important that we as drug manufacturers continue to innovate to provide more effective solutions to ailments and diseases. With the lobeglitazone tablets, what we've put together is a unique formulation that tackles type 2 diabetes by addressing the root causes in a more effective way; by affecting the relationship between the PPAR gamma, insulin, and fat cells to improve insulin resistance, among other things," he said.
Lobeglitazone is a film-coated tablet made up of lobeglitazone sulfate equivalent to lobeglitazone at 0.5 mg. It is approved by the Drugs Controller-General of India and offers a number of advantages, including higher safety profile, higher effectiveness in lower dosage, lower risk of hypoglycaemia, and improved pancreatic beta-cell function, among others.
The new formulation is a step further in their attempt to make treatment and management of diabetes more accessible and easier. It is a safe and well-tolerated formulation that offers repose to diabetic patients. The company also plans to introduce more fixed dose drug combinations (FDCs) in the future specifically for the treatment and management of diabetes, even as it continues to be a major player in the Indian pharma industry.
Akums Drugs and Pharmaceutical Limited is a trusted manufacturer of various drug formulations for the Indian and international market. A WHO-GMP certified contract drug manufacturer, the company has continued to offer pharmaceutical remedies for ailments and diseases like diabetes.


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