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TheLifekart.in introduces Algamin, natural remedy for arthritis, diabetes and hypertension

Our Bureau, Mumbai
Thursday, November 25, 2021, 16:20 Hrs  [IST]

TheLifekart.in, India’s popular e-commerce platform offering nutrition, healthcare, and self-care solutions, introduces Algamin, a seaweed based natural remedy for arthritis, diabetes and hypertension. The raw material for Algamin which is brown seaweeds are procured locally from shallow coastal reefs of Lakshadweep and other coastal regions.
The composition of Algamin is carefully crafted by the scientists of the government of India and at the same time, these tablets have been researched, developed and engineered by Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute of India (CMFRI) Scientist Kajal Chakraborty (Norman Borlaug National Award winner), and patented by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).
The three variants of Algamin have different ingredients that are 100% natural and hence have no side effects.
Algamin Arthrit-Ease GAe is a unique blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients extracted from marine algae through an ecofriendly "green technology” to combat inflammatory pain in synovial (mobility) joints, thereby providing relief to the patients of arthritis. The capsules have been developed to help relief severe pains by developing the body’s mechanism in a way that it promotes decreased production of inflammation-causing agents like prostaglandins and leukotrienes. The capsules are easy to consume with a long-term effect, which will prove to be a boon to humankind.
Algamin Diabet-ease Ade capsules are an effective way of controlling diabetes as it is obtained from the extract from seaweeds that effectively inhibit various mediators, which are responsible for inducing type-II diabetes through various metabolic pathways. Type II diabetes is the inefficiency of our body to produce enough insulin or become resistant to the effects of insulin to process blood sugar (glucose), but the Algamin Diabet-ease Ade enhances & stimulates the body's ability to produce insulin and reduces blood sugar level. This helps in stabilizing the diabetes level in the body and prevents further ailments.
Algamin Ade will be an innovation that will help humankind in gaining relief from some of the most severe ailments. Angiotensin II is a chemical in the human body that narrows your blood vessels which in turn increases the pressure of the blood against artery walls which in turn causes hypertension. The active principles of Ade antihypertensive extract from seaweeds effectively inhibit various mediators, which are responsible to cause hypertension through various metabolic pathways, thereby reducing hypertension.
With so many benefits, Algamin will be an innovation that will help humankind in gaining relief from some of the most severe ailments. Speaking on the occasion, George P Joby, director, TheLifekart.in said, “TheLifekart.in has always focused towards developing an ecosystem for products that are 100% natural and have no side-effects on the human body, thereby providing a long-term and effective cure to the several ailments. Our aim is to harness that nature’s potential to cure humankind, which will only boost the patient’s immunity and strength along with curing the ailments. Algamin is a perfect example of how science and nature can come together to provide a natural cure to humankind for severe problems such as arthritis, hypertension and diabetes. Our focus will remain towards producing more such products that will help in the removal of harmful medications from the market.”


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