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Application of blockchain technology will provide an opportunity to revolutionize healthcare in India: Pradeep Goel

Our Bureau, Mumbai
Thursday, October 14, 2021, 14:20 Hrs  [IST]

The application of blockchain technology for healthcare will provides an opportunity to revolutionize healthcare in India and it will become the de facto standard in the management of healthcare, stated Pradeep Goel, chief executive officer, Solve.Care.

Goel added that with decentralisation, blockchain technology empowers patients with control and ownership of their data.

Introducing blockchain technology to healthcare means that medical professionals can have frictionless access to the necessary patient data and take more time to focus on their patients and deliver quality care.

“The healthcare system faced serious challenges, even in developed countries, in the face of the Covid pandemic. This has caused the industry to relook at our current approach to healthcare. At present, healthcare systems are centralised which leads to a slower, less efficient delivery of healthcare. Everything including consent management, data management, and compliance with various administrative and clinical protocols is under a centralised control that leads to disputes and frustrations,” stated Goel.

The company stated that the partnership with (American Research and Policy Institute) ARPI brings together academic research and blockchain technology to find a solution to this impending state problemto address these inefficiencies, thereby bringing the costs down. These solutions can include aspects of decentralised finance and the crypto ecosystem to create effectiveness and interoperability.

Solve.Care added that it has been able to develop an opencross-border global telemedicine network that is reliable, scalable, secure, and easy to use, to fill both the current demand and the expected huge growth for telehealth services, by taking advantage of the characteristics and benefits of blockchain technology.

Goel added that the adoption of telemedicine in mainstream healthcare was an important event last year and today it is accepted as a viable way to address many lower risk illnesses and diseases for patients, while also ensuring that the health and wellbeing of healthcare practitioners is protected.

A recent study shows that 88% of Americans want to continue using telehealth for non-urgent consultations after Covid-19 has passed.


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