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Bry-Air’s Dehumidifiers helps in providing environment by controlling temperature and moisture levels for different pharma products

Our Bureau, Mumbai
Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 17:50 Hrs  [IST]

Bry-Air, a global solution provider, stated that its product Dehumidifiers helps in providing the desired environment by controlling temperature and moisture levels for different pharma products.

The company stated that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the key consumers of Dehumidification technology. Whether it is the procurement of raw material of medicine or its delivery to the end consumer, humidity control measure is an integral requirement for processing, manufacturing, storage and research in the pharmaceutical industry.

"With the steady increase in Covid-19 cases across India, the pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a major transformation. The dire need for the Covid-19 rapid test kits and other such critical diagnostic kits is one of the major demand drivers for moisture control solutions. Covid-19 pandemic, as a matter of fact, expedited the uptake of dehumidification technology by the pharmaceutical industry. The Covid rapid test kits manufacturing and lab testing should be done in a controlled environment for accurate diagnosis, thus making the application of dehumidification solutions a necessity for these areas," stated Deepak Pahwa, managing director, Bry-Air (Asia).

Pahwa added that for decades, the pharmaceutical industry has relied on dehumidification technology. Moisture is the biggest peril for the pharmaceutical industry because a majority of pharmaceutical products are highly hygroscopic and tend to suffer physical, microbiological and biochemical deterioration after coming in contact with moisture.

“In the post Covid world, the Indian pharma industry is determined to be further self-reliant. The quality of Covid-19 rapid test kits, diagnostic kits, API (vial filling, tablet compression etc.), and nutraceuticals which are in high demand during and post Covid-19 require strict moisture control,” stated Pahwa.

Bry-Air is a global solution provider for complete environmental control with specialization in for dehumidifier, gas phase filtration, plastic drying and conveying, dry room, high temperature waste heat recovery and energy smart cooling using waste heat.


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