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Maharashtra govt to implement e-Aushadhi Portal to ensure consistent supply of medicines at point of care

Shardul Nautiyal, Mumbai
Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

In order to ensure consistent supply of medicines at the point of care, the Maharashtra government has finally issued order to the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) to implement e-Aushadhi Portal, a web based supply chain management system to improve supply chain of medicines in District Drug Ware Houses (DDWH), Sub Stores and further Drug Distribution Centers (DDC).

e-Aushadhi is modeled on the unique combination of ‘Administration centric and pharmacy staff centric’ paradigm, thus providing benefits to the providers of healthcare and the patients.

Mumbai based All Food and Drug License Holders Foundation (AFDLHF) had earlier made several representations to the Maharashtra Government and DMER to implement the same in the interest of patients and hospitals which have the onus in maintaining consistent drug supply for patients.

“Around 18 government hospitals across Maharashtra fall under DMER and it is high time, DMER implements the portal as Directorate of Health Services (DHS) has adopted it successfully,” according to an official associated with the development.

The biggest achievement of the portal has been the reduction in the cost of medicines by 20% or more, which has further enabled the department to procure more medicines in the same budget.

The key benefit of the portal is to implement a transparent system for procurement, storage and distribution of quality drugs, supply equipment required for the hospitals at a reasonable price.

It is also meant to ensure adequate savings in the budget for medicines by a scientific forecasting system based on the preparation of essential drug list and its actual consumption. The portal will also monitor the budget and drug consumption pattern by introducing a pass book system.

The portal is also instrumental in improving infrastructure of existing drug warehouses in the districts and also further streamlines the drug warehouse management, quality management, equipment inventory management, equipment complaint chain management, equipment auction life cycle, human resource and finance management in an efficient manner.

It deals with the procurement and management of the stock of drugs, sutures and surgical items required by the DDWH, issuance of items to PHC, district hospitals in the state. Various DDWHs send the consolidated requirements to the procurement department in PHD. The HQ gives the approval and supplies the items or the purchase section takes the decision by opening tender or placing the order directly to the contracted supplier. The Purchase Committee purchases the items from the market by surveying or through the government cell.

The Procurement Module of the e-Aushadhi software includes generation of Purchase Order, payments terms and conditions, allocation of the consignee list and scheduling the supply to consignee. Users can also view the amount in that particular purchase head at the time of finalizing any item for purchase.

Demand forecasting and generation in HQ/DDWH play a central role in supply chain management systems. Inventory Management includes classification/categorization of items, codification etc. It ensures that items with constant demand are constantly available at the DDWH so that they are further supplied to the sub stores & Distribution Counters without delay.

Moreover, users have complete detail of stock in hand at various levels, supplies in pipeline, distribution and consumption pattern in the state.

Quality Control (QC) includes the proper monitoring, control and assures the QC pass availability of the drugs at all distribution levels.


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