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Osseointegration surgery is a new solution for limb loss patients: Dr Aditya Khemka

Yash Ved, Mumbai
Friday, September 25, 2020, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Osseointegration surgery is changing the way patients look at their artificial limbs and worry about their physical movement, stated Dr Aditya Khemka, MBBS, MS orthopedics, PhD osseointegration surgery, Hinduja Hospital Khar.

Osseointegration is a surgical technique to accommodate a single or two stage procedure using a completely indigenous implant design. This has resulted in improved soft tissue management, faster rehabilitation and quicker recovery.

"Unlike the traditional treatment options, osseointegration surgery is an innovative technology changing the way patients look at their artificial limbs ensures that the patient has freedom for recreational activities like walking, cycling etc. One of the major advantages of osseointegration procedure is freedom for performing physical activity," stated Dr Khemka.

Osseointegration is the direct structural and functional connection between living bone and the surface of a load-bearing artificial implant. Osseointegration has enhanced the science of medical bone and joint replacement techniques as well as dental implants and improving prosthetics for amputees.

The implants made are made custom according to the bone, and the technique involves creating an intact soft tissue atonal interface.

Dr Khemka added, “The surgical procedure has been included as one of the options for prosthetics and hip/knee in the recent times by a handful of surgeons around the world. This procedure involves the integration of the titanium implant directly into a long bone. The bone cells attach and grow around the titanium implant, which allows for the incorporation of the implant with normal bone growth.”

Patients start putting weight on their legs as early as three days after surgery mimicking joint replacement or press for technology used in joint replacement of the hip and the knee. six weeks to three months, he added.

Globally, countries like Australia, UK and few other European countries have been in the forefront in utilizing osseointegration surgery as an innovative technology that is changing the way patients look at their artificial limbs to the fullest extent and have performed many such surgeries.

Osseointegration is a dynamic process in which characteristics of the implant such as macrogeometry play a role in modulating molecular and cellular behavior.


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