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Healthcare experts concern over rising cases of ‘Swine Flu’ among children

Our Bureau, Hyderabad
Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Healthcare experts in Hyderabad have expressed concern over the rising number of cases of Swine Flu in children. As per the figures available from MaxCure Hospital during the past one year the city of Hyderabad has seen drastic increase in the number of Swine flu cases.

The main reason for the rampant spread of this deadly disease is H1N1 virus, which is constantly mutating to adopt the changing climate. “Earlier we use to see the traces of Swine Flu only during winter season. However during the past one year we have witnessed a constant flow of patients who are infected with this deadly flu throughout the year. Unlike earlier, the small children are becoming more prone to this virus,” observed Dr. Kedarnath, Consultant pediatrician, MaxCure Suyosha, Women and Child Care Hospital.

Recently, a mother and son duo reached MaxCure Hospitals with the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection. Upon investigation, it is found that they were positive for H1N1 virus. However, not all patients are careful enough to take proper precautions in case of early symptoms.

“Recently, 2 months old baby of Lavanya was brought to us with severe cough cold and respiratory distress. She was also suffering from fever.  We sent her throat swab for investigation where the results are still awaited. In another case, an eight yr old boy was brought to us with respiratory infection. He was also suffering with cold and fever, and was not able to swallow or eat anything. We sent his throat swab for investigation. On third day, he came back with severe breathlessness and his mother was also affected. His throat swab came positive for H1N1 and we immediately started anti-viral drugs for him. It took five days for the child to completely recover. We have given him oxygen and also nebulization drugs to stabilize his condition,” said Dr. Kedarnath.

 “During winters, it is common to see kids as well as adults suffering with common flu and respiratory infections. But, being vigilant and aware of symptoms for disease like Swine flu is a must as it is a highly contagious disease. It affects people across age groups and delayed diagnosis may result in loss of life. In this case, mother and child were sick and both were H1N1 positive. The third day of the child getting detected with swine flu, even the mother was found positive. This happened because of negligence and lack of awareness and proper knowledge. Swine flu causes symptoms like fever, cough, breathlessness, lethargy, headache and nausea. Mostly, people at risk are children with respiratory problems, pregnant women, older adults and those with chronic ailments such as asthma, lung disease, heart disease or diabetes,” said Dr. Rahul Agarwal, Sr. Consultant General Physician, MaxCure Hospitals.

MaxCure Hospital authorities revealed that out 150 children who came to hospital with similar symptoms, 30 children were swine flu positive. Most of them were not critically ill to admit and start anti-viral therapy; hence they were treated on OPD basis. “Many of us overlook that these kinds of viruses are /contagious, not taking right precautions might spread in the family very fast. Public awareness is so important. Kids with these symptoms should not be sent to school or play at least for a period of one week. It is a must to keep the child isolated,” added Dr Kedarnath.


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pradeep Awasthi Oct 10, 2017 6:27 PM
In the recent times the most deadly and lifethreatening infection is swineflu,it carries biggest limitation in identifying the clinical features and scarcity of medicines in primary health centres and retailers.In india terror of swine flu had affected in all states.Though since last one year,Union government and DCGI had shown higher concern to fight with this deadly infection by management urgent supply of swine flu syrups and tablets having a tie ups with companies like cipla and Hetro.

The recent datas are quite alarming,which shows high prevalence in children,it is considered to be highly contagious as the infection spread through H1N1 virus which is mutated fastly to adopt with change of climate.Its symptoms are not much different as symptoms of common flu,except breathless and nausea.The vaccine for swine flu was earlier supplied by Hetro labs,it is important for every children to get vaccination for swineflu for avoiding its progression.

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