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  Debiopharm uses cutting-edge ClinTrial App mobile application from ClinOne in clinical study,   May 25, 2017
  Thermo Fisher Scientific launches new CE system with Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer,   May 25, 2017
  Unisys gears up to market ActiveInsights PharmaTrack to boost pharmaceutical Supply Chain,   May 24, 2017
  ATUM licenses gene design software to Thermo Fisher,   May 19, 2017
  GE Healthcare’s FlexFactory to power Dr. Reddy’s biosimilar expansion plans with single-use technologies,   May 19, 2017
  Agatha to speed up global expansion of its content management cloud service for life-sciences & healthcare,   May 17, 2017
  Body Vision's LungVision system receives US FDA approval for peripheral lung lesions,   May 17, 2017
  IBM develops “lab-on-a-chip" nanoDLD technology to separate bioparticles for disease detection,   May 17, 2017
  US FDA approves Biotronik's MultiPole Pacing with ProMRI: 360° solutions for patients with heart failure,   May 10, 2017
  Carestream introduces SmartGrid software to reduce effects of scatter radiation, help eliminate need for anti-scatter grid,   May 08, 2017
  CORHIO introduces emerging FHIR technology to improve data access & patient care,   May 08, 2017
  Ram Group introduces full-body biometric authentication technology,   May 06, 2017
  Qiagen forms JV with Maccura to localize, commercialize GeneReader NGS System in China,   May 03, 2017
  EpiVax licenses Tregitope technology for use in autoimmune disease & allergy,   April 27, 2017
  Siemens Healthineers installs India’s first fully automated lab at Aspira Pathlab in Mumbai,   April 26, 2017
  India needs to brace up for digital disruption in healthcare driven by consumer demand: Suresh Ramu,   April 26, 2017
  Certara Introduces new solution to prepare, analyze & submit PK data in CDISC format,   April 24, 2017
  NGS, SMAC & Big Data to spur early detection and cost-effectively cure diseases: Ram Yeleswarapu,   April 24, 2017
  Monitored Therapeutics' GoSpiro Home Spirometer receives US FDA clearance,   April 20, 2017
  OmniChem launches flow chemistry for API commercial manufacturing,   April 17, 2017

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