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  BSV introduces new communication tool, ‘BSV AER’ for reporting adverse events,   September 25, 2023
  ImageBiopsy Lab and Radiobotics sign agreement on AI-powered technologies,   September 23, 2023
  Waters ZetaStar Instrument boosts speed and sensitivity of light scattering measurements for biological therapies,   September 21, 2023
  Eversana unveils new technology-enabled eBV & ePA platform, ACTICS eAccess to improve patient access and accelerate speed to therapy,   September 20, 2023
  Aiosyn introduces AI kidney suite designed to advance research in the field of renal disease,   September 20, 2023
  PhenomeX introduces Meteor chips for quantitative bulk analysis on the IsoSpark platform to revolutionize high throughput multiplexed hands-free proteomics,   September 18, 2023
  Medidata rated pharma industry’s preferred provider of electronic data capture solutions: Report by Industry Standard Research,   September 16, 2023
  AI to transform all processes in drug development by 2026,   September 13, 2023
  IIT Kanpur signs MoU with Sensa Core for technology transfer of novel strip for rapid analysis of bilirubin in human blood,   September 13, 2023
  Policlinico Gemelli, Palantir Technologies partner to use artificial intelligence to advance data science for healthcare,   September 11, 2023
  Thermo Fisher Scientific helps accelerate cell therapy manufacturing with a next-generation platform of Gibco CTS Detachable Dynabeads,   September 08, 2023
  Artificial intelligence set to be a great enabler for small-scale healthcare providers: Experts,   August 29, 2023
  CureMD enters partnership with Tempus to integrate genomic testing functionality in EHR,   August 23, 2023
  Clario, AliveCor collaborate to offer advanced, trial- focused six-lead ECG solutions for monitoring in decentralized clinical trials,   August 17, 2023
  Transcell, Quantiphi collaboratively develops innovative solution known as DART,   August 17, 2023
  WuXi XDC and Boostimmune sign MoU for integrated services,   August 12, 2023
  Waters launches XBridge Premier GTx BEH SEC columns for gene therapy applications,   August 07, 2023
  Emids Unveils ‘EPulse AI platform for healthcare industry sets up CoE in Bengaluru and Tennessee,   August 04, 2023
  Sitero acquires Clario’s eClinical technology suite to enhance clinical trial delivery,   August 02, 2023
  EMA publishes draft reflection paper on use of AI in the lifecycle of medicines,   July 22, 2023

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