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  Origiin IP Solutions perceives technology transfer in pharma complex and mandates thorough due-diligence,   May 11, 2019
  AI applications detect inadequate post operative care to prevent re-hospitalization: Sanjay Pathak,   May 10, 2019
  Karnataka govt scouts for collaboration with Switzerland for AI, ML, blockchain & related technologies for pharma & healthcare,   April 09, 2019
  Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize management of TB and its eradication in India: Ajoy Khandheria,   April 03, 2019
  CallHealth partners with ThynkBlynk to start India‚Äôs first cross industry immutable data-interchange,   April 02, 2019
  Indian start-ups developing novel technologies specific to address local unmet healthcare needs: Siraj Dhanani,   March 18, 2019
  Machine intelligence to propel R&D to analyse large volumes of data for better insights: Dr Natarajan,   March 11, 2019
  Cloud Tech in-sync with ICT, IOT, AI, big data & blockchain supplements building of electronic health records,   March 07, 2019
  New age technologies like AI, IoT & Cloud help build solutions to solve real world problems in healthcare: Seema Kumar,   February 27, 2019
  National Centre for AI to bolster technology adoption across drug design & digital therapeutics: Experts,   February 22, 2019
  Bio Valley Incubation Council receives funding from DBT to boost Indian innovations,   February 09, 2019
  HP sees 3D printing progressing beyond surgical models to underscore its capability in developing new medical devices,   January 29, 2019
  PM-STIAC identifies genomic data, AI & quantum computing in healthcare to spur innovations & emulate global counterparts,   January 28, 2019
  Indian pharma increases pace of technology adoption to transform manufacturing practices and enhance global competitiveness,   January 25, 2019
  VBRI sees network of medical sensory devices to facilitate virtual and remote clinics,   January 09, 2019
  Lifescience tech experts view smart medical devices with AI & blockchain to boost patient care & monitor cyber security threats,   December 31, 2018
  3D printing applications for healthcare and pharma in India set to empower surgeons and scientists,   December 26, 2018
  Vardhman to increase investments from Rs. 1 cr to Rs. 4 cr in IoT as it brings in transparency in pharma supply chain,   December 07, 2018
  Cloud computing, AI, Blockchain & data analytics to spur lifesciences research in a major way: Dr Roop Mallik,   December 03, 2018
  Technology in medicine from AI to ultrasounds propels disease diagnosis & targeted treatment protocol: Dr Calum Machperson,   November 17, 2018

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