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  Indian drug development, clinical trials and healthcare embrace 5G to propel intelligent data management,   November 24, 2022
  5G will benefit key participants in healthcare value chain including medical devices industry: MTaI,   November 05, 2022
  Health tech companies bat for self-regulation to protect healthcare data of users,   October 13, 2022
  Big Data lowers prescription errors, IoT enables transparency in medical insurance claims: Raghav Kini,   September 24, 2022
  Make in India & NDHM to spur design & tech in medical devices and pharma: Suhas Tamras,   August 26, 2022
  Investments in QC, preventive measures using tech priority for Indian pharma sector: Dr Anupriya Balikai,   August 01, 2022
  Cyber security critical for healthcare digitalization strategy: Sourav Chanda,   July 11, 2022
  Indian healthcare seen seismic shift in efficient medical service delivery with data mining electronic medical records,   July 07, 2022
  Industry eyes 3D printing for manufacture as the future to spur easy fabrication of tablets with multiple APIs,   June 28, 2022
  Digitization & automation are immediate needs to bolster manufacturing & packaging operations: Kaushik Desai,   June 22, 2022
  Indian pharma gives impetus to technology as it propels efficiency in supply chain and inventory tracking,   June 14, 2022
  Indian pharma companies make strides in adoption of big data analytics,   June 10, 2022
  Industry needs to start assessing opportunities & challenges in digital ecosystem: Experts,   May 03, 2022
  AI serves as clinical bridge in locations where medical care is absent: Dr. Chinmaya Chigateri,   March 22, 2022
  Strong authentication & traceability measures can combat counterfeit medicines: Shalini Nair,   March 03, 2022
  Digital therapeutics to accelerate better patient management : Dr. Arbinder Singal,   February 23, 2022
  Indian pharma fuels emergence of smart factories with adoption of Industry 4.0,   February 21, 2022
  CoSoSys underlines need for cybersecurity measures to mitigate healthcare data breach,   February 18, 2022
  Synergetics Consulting offers Exhaustive Cloud Solutions that effectively empower the Pharma Industries,   February 10, 2022
  e-RUPI enables easy healthcare access to last mile with digital tech,   January 29, 2022

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