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  VBRI sees network of medical sensory devices to facilitate virtual and remote clinics,   January 09, 2019
  Lifescience tech experts view smart medical devices with AI & blockchain to boost patient care & monitor cyber security threats,   December 31, 2018
  3D printing applications for healthcare and pharma in India set to empower surgeons and scientists,   December 26, 2018
  Vardhman to increase investments from Rs. 1 cr to Rs. 4 cr in IoT as it brings in transparency in pharma supply chain,   December 07, 2018
  Cloud computing, AI, Blockchain & data analytics to spur lifesciences research in a major way: Dr Roop Mallik,   December 03, 2018
  Technology in medicine from AI to ultrasounds propels disease diagnosis & targeted treatment protocol: Dr Calum Machperson,   November 17, 2018
  Blockchain technology to tackle communicable diseases: Mohua Sengupta,   November 12, 2018
  SigTuple sees growing support from VC and PEs spurred AI based product by medical device start-ups,   November 01, 2018
  Salesforce maximizes adoption of cloud computing, AI and IoT to support implantable hearing solutions market,   October 27, 2018
  ICMR spurs Digital India plan with online reference formats for all its scientific information,   October 23, 2018
  Ministry of Electronics and IT’s directive on Make In India gives opportunities to cyber security players like Aujas,   October 20, 2018
  KIHT collaborates with JBI to improve market access of healthcare technology,   October 17, 2018
  Information security governance fundamental to stall cyber attacks in pharma industry: Jaykishan Nirmal,   October 17, 2018
  BPL Medical Technologies scouts for funds as it eyes both inorganic & organic growth,   October 06, 2018
  AI & machine learning algorithms to strengthen medical research, healthcare delivery: Dr Tiwari,   October 04, 2018
  AI transforms healthcare with robotic surgeries, virtual nurses & digital therapeutics: Abhishek Shah,   September 26, 2018
  Big Data and advanced analytics herald revolution in Indian healthcare industry: Oracle,   September 25, 2018
  Japan-India start-up hub to facilitate transfer of healthcare IT to manage former’s growing geriatric population,   September 21, 2018
  EOS collaborates with CSIO to maximize potential of additive manufacture for patient specific implants,   August 11, 2018
  POC Medical Systems to raise US$ 55 million to boost technology for detection of breast cancer,   August 04, 2018

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