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  Australia eyes Indian digital tech prowess and explores collaborations in medical devices,   September 11, 2023
  Industry stresses on defense strategy to bridge gap between IT & Operational Tech security to thwart cyber attacks,   August 31, 2023
  Mizoram becomes first state to operationalise ABDM Microsite to offer digital health services to patients,   August 24, 2023
  India’s digital tech adoption a game-changer in mass healthcare delivery: Dr Senthil Kandeepan,   August 22, 2023
  Growth of Indian health-tech startup companies revolves around govt initiatives like NDHM,   August 05, 2023
  Indian pharma now sees indispensability of visibility and transparency in supply chain,   July 29, 2023
  AI, ML and data analytics propel drug discovery and personalised medicine: Kapil Mehta,   July 22, 2023
  AI set to make tectonic shift in healthcare with accuracy in diagnostics and predictability of disease,   July 15, 2023
  Healthcare providers perceive blockchain to ensure data security and privacy,   July 14, 2023
  AI and ML to help biopharma cos to overcome challenges in drug research: Experts,   July 03, 2023
  AI and blockchain can help combat counterfeit medicines in the market: Expert,   June 28, 2023
  Indian healthcare deploys AI & ML to boost data-driven insights for tracking diseases,   June 27, 2023
  Union govt’s tech infrastructure to further strengthen India’s digital healthcare: Raja Jamalamadaka,   June 06, 2023
  India needs to address regulatory challenges and others to utilise AI in healthcare potential: Expert,   June 05, 2023
  Life sciences industry embarks on inorganic digitization through mergers & acquisitions,   May 29, 2023
  Adoption of new-age digital technologies to boost speedy medical attention,   April 25, 2023
  Indian healthcare needs to urgently address cyber security preparedness: Abhishek Malhotra,   April 14, 2023
  Healthcare to look at Metaverse applications for visual-sensory experience in treatment and recovery,   March 21, 2023
  India’s clinical innovation driven by 5G, IoT, cloud, and cybersecurity demands newer talent models,   March 08, 2023
  Indian pharma invests on digital tools for engineering to achieve operational excellence,   February 03, 2023

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