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  ASPA identifies technology to combat counterfeiting in pharma and healthcare,   January 04, 2022
  Tech proficiency to propel innovation in drug discovery and patient care in 2022: Experts,   December 31, 2021
  Cloud technologies to bolster Indian life science companies to widen data integrity across value chain,   December 18, 2021
  AI to play key role in future by aiding radiologists to spot anomalies in human tissues: Nikhel Goel,   December 18, 2021
  Digital Therapeutics is in early stages of regulatory maturity: Srinivasa Vivek,   December 14, 2021
  Covid-19 pandemic presented cybercriminals an open door to attack on pharma organizations: Expert,   December 10, 2021
  IoT, big data, AI & cloud computing to transform traditional medical system: Dr Maluk Mohamed,   December 06, 2021
  MSRVantage to provide AI-based blockchain solution to weed out counterfeit products in pharma,   November 26, 2021
  India and Australia to propel quantum computing, AI for pharma-biotech sectors,   November 19, 2021
  Indian healthcare to prioritize cyber security and put in place robust data privacy framework,   November 02, 2021
  Indian pharma witnesses shift in skill demand driven by tech advances: Experts,   October 19, 2021
  Indian healthcare infrastructure poised for upgrade with cloud telephony adoption,   October 11, 2021
  Technology has changed healthcare in tangible ways: Experts,   September 28, 2021
  ASPA underscores use of anti-counterfeit technology packs to thwart rising incidents of fake vaccines & drugs,   September 20, 2021
  AI-based solutions for pharma expedites go-to-market for drugs & vaccines: Chaith Kondragunta,   September 11, 2021
  Autonomy as a service will enable responsive healthcare in real-time: Kiran Penumacha,   September 07, 2021
  Digitization & new technologies shaping healthcare industry and accelerating pace of innovation: Kaushik Mitra,   August 18, 2021
  AI and ML are game-changers in pharmacovigilance: Dr Sharada Rao,   July 21, 2021
  Pharma R&D explores VR, AR & MR technologies for data visualization to accelerate drug discovery,   July 20, 2021
  Indian pharma speeds up AI and ML adoption to optimize production efficiency & inventory management,   July 17, 2021

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