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  ICMR invites comments on ‘Common Protocol for Uniform Evaluation of Public Health Pesticides for use in Vector Control’,   March 31, 2023
  DoP soon to approach finance ministry for additional funds for proposed PRIP scheme,   March 28, 2023
  Indian pharma gearing up for interdisciplinary research for medicines to combat diseases,   March 23, 2023
  ICMR calls for research proposals in medicine & public health under extramural research programme,   March 17, 2023
  IISc develops substitute for Covid test RT-PCR, positioned for resource limited settings,   March 17, 2023
  ICMR releases ‘Ethical Guidelines for Application of AI in Biomedical Research and Healthcare’,   March 16, 2023
  IISc develops chemically modified nanosheets for biomedical applications like delivering drugs to diseased cells,   March 10, 2023
  ICMR invites applications for research in basic science, communicable & non-communicable diseases,   March 02, 2023
  IISc scientists develop new brain imaging technique to detect cell components invisible to current microscopes,   February 27, 2023
  FOPE, RPMA jointly launch FPCR startup in Jaipur for commercialization of research in health & pharma,   February 25, 2023
  ICMR invites EOI from vaccine manufacturers to develop vaccine against Kyasanur Forest Disease,   February 25, 2023
  Novo Nordisk in tune with govt’s new ‘Innovate in India’ theme: Vikrant Shrotriya,   February 18, 2023
  KDPMA notes Centre’s proposed programme on research & innovation to propel time-bound action,   February 17, 2023
  Indian pharma needs to leap towards innovative dosage forms as viable profitable model: Harish Jain,   February 13, 2023
  IISc & Brunel University eye long-term research & educational collaboration to strengthen scientific expertise,   February 11, 2023
  DBT calls for LoI to support development of drugs to treat cancer,   January 31, 2023
  IISc & Unilever to develop computational models of bacterial cell walls to speed up screening of antimicrobials,   January 20, 2023
  DBT to open eProMIS to accept proposals from researchers on Chronic & Lifestyle Disease Programme,   January 09, 2023
  DBT soon to begin research on human genetic disease with focus on rare genetic disorders,   January 02, 2023
  DoP expects policy to catalyse R&D and innovation in pharma and medtech to strengthen research,   December 30, 2022

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