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  Researchers find positive results to develop thermo stable insulin which could be stored at room temperatures,   October 11, 2021
  ICMR releases multilingual dementia research and assessment toolbox,   October 08, 2021
  CSIR-IICT researchers bag CSIR Technology award for contribution towards Covaxin development,   September 30, 2021
  China‚Äôs dominance in CRAMS fades as India grabs global opportunities with talent & infrastructure,   September 27, 2021
  DBT invites research proposals for India-US collaborative vision research programme,   September 16, 2021
  Novel concepts from drug delivery to tech adoption propel Indian pharma in Covid times,   September 14, 2021
  TS govt funds for integrated medicine development for black fungus,   September 07, 2021
  DBT takes initiatives to increase investments in R&D and manufacturing of Covid-19 vaccine,   September 06, 2021
  Researchers press for combo therapy of aspirin, statins & two BP medications to stall risk of CVD,   September 03, 2021
  ICMR invites proposals on Indian Cancer Research Consortium,   August 31, 2021
  DBT & US NEI soon to conduct joint research on ophthalmic diseases,   August 30, 2021
  BIRAC invites research proposals from start-up biotech cos under BIG scheme,   August 21, 2021
  Research on novel technologies can bring robust therapeutic protocols for orphan diseases: Dr Mahajan,   August 21, 2021
  Researchers to study on epidemiological impact & intersection of Covid-19 & TB,   August 20, 2021
  New study reveals millet based diet can greatly reduce risk of cardiovascular disease,   August 20, 2021
  Indian scientists partner with BRICS countries to carry out genomic sequencing,   August 07, 2021
  BIRAC invites proposals for supporting biotechnological products under PACE scheme,   August 06, 2021
  IIT-H develops new AI-based Covid home testing kit, awaits ICMR approval to launch in the market,   July 23, 2021
  India, Australia invite joint research proposals in biotech under Indo-Australian Biotech Fund,   July 09, 2021
  DST Inspire fellow develops biomaterials for bone tissue regeneration,   July 09, 2021

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