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  ICMR invites proposals for research on reproducible AI in medicine and health,   January 18, 2022
  IISc-ISI study reveals Omicron driven Covid wave may witness its intensity by end of Jan in Telangana,   January 08, 2022
  Researchers predict India is witnessing widespread of Omicron variant with an R value of over of 2.69,   January 07, 2022
  IISc researchers identify role of hydrogen sulphide gas in suppressing HIV,   January 05, 2022
  Researchers find alternative methodology to chemo and radiation therapy for treating cancer,   December 29, 2021
  DST secretary calls on researchers to engage students in industrial research to drive scientific innovation,   December 27, 2021
  Health Ministry to set up 42 new VRDLs in govt medical colleges and research institutes,   December 09, 2021
  CCMB and IICT to embark on research to identify new variants of Covid-19 viruses in advance,   December 08, 2021
  ICMR to support research activities in 119 medical colleges and hospitals: Dr Bharati Pawar,   December 04, 2021
  Researchers identify blood-based biomarkers in late-stage brain tumour patients,   November 26, 2021
  ICMR invites research proposals of ad-hoc project under research program for 2021,   November 24, 2021
  Research in infectious diseases can thwart spread of new variants of viruses & bacteria: Dr Desiraju,   November 22, 2021
  ICMR study finds both Covishield & Covaxin effective in containing all kinds of Covid-19 causing viruses,   November 20, 2021
  DST, DOST call for joint R&D proposals in virology and health,   November 18, 2021
  Indian biotech chiefs underscore need for a Bayh-Dole like Act to propel research commercialization,   November 15, 2021
  IISc develops novel computational model to predict blindness,   October 23, 2021
  New study finds indigenous and isolated populations more vulnerable to Covid disease in India,   October 22, 2021
  Researchers find positive results to develop thermo stable insulin which could be stored at room temperatures,   October 11, 2021
  ICMR releases multilingual dementia research and assessment toolbox,   October 08, 2021
  CSIR-IICT researchers bag CSIR Technology award for contribution towards Covaxin development,   September 30, 2021

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