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  Panbela gets Japanese patent for production of SBP-101 developed in collaboration with Syngene,   March 27, 2023
  Quantumzyme receives patent for development of green catalyst in India,   March 24, 2023
  Sequana Medical’s DSR programme receives additional patents from China & United States,   March 23, 2023
  Modra Pharma receives US patent covering the use of its oral taxane therapeutic ModraDoc006/r,   March 17, 2023
  Combined Therapeutics’ mRNA vaccine platform receives US patent,   March 14, 2023
  Trevi Therapeutics to receive US patent covering use of nalbuphine ER's method of treatment of chronic cough in IPF,   March 09, 2023
  Evofem Biosciences announces US FDA Orange Book listing of two additional US patents for Phexxi,   February 28, 2023
  Mainz Biomed acquires entire IP portfolio for its colorectal cancer diagnostic test programme,   February 22, 2023
  US PTO re-institutes post grant review of Seagen patent in dispute between Daiichi Sankyo and Seagen,   February 18, 2023
  Valo Therapeutics’ lead asset PeptiCRAd-1 in immuno-oncology receives two European patents,   February 17, 2023
  Q BioMed’s Uttroside B to receive US patent,   February 13, 2023
  Small Pharma announces update on IP portfolio with two new patents approved for issue,   February 03, 2023
  Tenax receives US patent covering use of IV levosimendan in pulmonary hypertension with heart failure and preserved ejection,   February 03, 2023
  Sequana Medical’s DSR programme receives additional US patent,   February 02, 2023
  Evoke announces Teva ends pursuit of Paragraph IV ANDA against Gimoti,   January 31, 2023
  IceCure Medical’s Cryogen Pump for next-generation cryoablation systems to receive US patent,   January 24, 2023
  NMIMS SPPSPTM team bags patent for OCUSERT a novel drug for glaucoma treatment,   January 20, 2023
  AXIM Biotechnologies files patent application on Fentanyl neutralizing antibody test with US Patent & Trademark Office,   January 19, 2023
  Poolbeg Pharma expands a potentially valuable companion therapy ‘POLB 001’ into oncology; applies for patent,   January 18, 2023
  MSF urges patent office to reject J&J’s patent application for TB drug bedaquiline,   January 17, 2023

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