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  Sonoma Pharma gets US FDA approval of expanded indication for Alevicyn to add antimicrobial language,   November 18, 2017
  US FDA announces comprehensive regenerative medicine policy framework,   November 18, 2017
  Roche’s Gazyva receives US FDA approval for previously untreated advanced follicular lymphoma,   November 18, 2017
  EMA grants marketing approval for once-daily single inhaler triple therapy Trelegy Ellipta to treat COPD,   November 18, 2017
  US FDA approves Chugai’s Hemlibra to treat haemophilia A with inhibitors,   November 18, 2017
  US FDA approves Pfizer's Sutent to treat adult patients at high risk of recurrent RCC,   November 18, 2017
  Roche to buy California-based software company Viewics, Inc,   November 18, 2017
  US FDA approves Mepsevii to treat rare genetic enzyme disorder,   November 17, 2017
  US FDA accepts Ascentage Pharma's IND application for IAP inhibitor APG-1387 to treat advanced solid tumors & blood cancers,   November 17, 2017
  Diplomat to buy Missouri-based LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services,   November 17, 2017
  US FDA alerts consumers about illegal use of injectable silicone for body contouring,   November 16, 2017
  US FDA warns consumers about deadly risks associated with use of kratom,   November 16, 2017
  AstraZeneca receives US FDA approval for Faslodex to treat advanced breast cancer in combo with abemaciclib,   November 16, 2017
  Chugai Pharma to transfer 13 products manufactured & marketed in Japan to Taiyo Pharma,   November 16, 2017
  US FDA approves Fasenra for severe eosinophilic asthma,   November 15, 2017
  EMA committee recommends approval of Merck's Prevymis for prophylaxis of CMV infection,   November 15, 2017
  US FDA approves Abilify MyCite, a pill with sensor that digitally tracks if patients have ingested their medication,   November 15, 2017
  EMA recommends approval of Vertex's Orkambi to treat children with CF ages 6-11 with 2 copies of F508del mutation,   November 14, 2017
  Sawai Pharmaceutical forms strategic alliance with Sumitomo Corporation,   November 14, 2017
  HIIA members sign MoU to improve pharmaceutical ecosystem,   November 14, 2017

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