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  US FDA provides new tools for development & proper evaluation of tests for detecting Zika virus infection,   August 19, 2017
  Global BioLife & Chemia collaborate to develop functional fragrances to fight mosquito-borne diseases,   August 17, 2017
  ISF College of Pharmacy, Moga launches risk screening project,   August 16, 2017
  Vikram Hospital Bengaluru reports minimum of 20 Multiple Sclerosis patients per 1000 neurology cases,   August 11, 2017
  Novo Nordisk India appoints sports icon Anil Kumble as Changing Diabetes Brand Ambassador,   August 11, 2017
  Cipla to supply swine flu drug to Gujarat govt based on product license clearance from Goa FDA,   August 11, 2017
  Telangana health dept to take up mass screening for malaria in tribal areas,   August 11, 2017
  Healthcare industry welcomes NITI Aayog's PPP model to manage NCDs at district hospitals,   August 10, 2017
  Cleveland Clinic study indicates high incidence of fatality in India with heart disease,   August 09, 2017
  7.35% of Indian population is estimated to suffer from osteoarthritis: Dr K J Reddy,   August 07, 2017
  Vitamin D deficiency reaching alarming proportions in India: Dr Bruce Hollis,   August 07, 2017
  Malaria experts at ICMR call for strengthening of PPP to make India malaria free,   August 05, 2017
  Godrej initiates dialogue on importance of partnerships and collaborations for malaria elimination,   August 04, 2017
  Diabetes has no cure & no symptoms until it reaches peak stage, it can only be prevented & controlled effectively: Dr Prasun Deb,   August 03, 2017
  UBM Medica enters partnership with Society for Integrative Oncology,   August 02, 2017
  Boehringer Ingelheim & Eli Lilly to support new American College of Cardiology programme,   August 02, 2017
  MRF and WHO partner to eliminate meningitis epidemics from sub-Saharan Africa by 2030,   August 01, 2017
  WHO urges nations to continue to translate their commitments to eliminate hepatitis,   July 29, 2017
  Protein deficiency plagues Indians: IMRB study,   July 29, 2017
  Medical experts see universal immunisation & adult mass vaccination to stall spread of hepatitis,   July 28, 2017

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