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  Isofol Medical announces positive topline results from AGENT study,   November 26, 2022
  US FDA approves Mabwell’s clinical trial application for 9MW3011 to treat polycythemia vera,   November 25, 2022
  STORM Therapeutics begins patient dosing in phase 1 study of oral METTL3 inhibitor, STC-15 to treat solid tumour,   November 24, 2022
  Novartis, MMV announce decision to move to phase 3 study for novel ganaplacide/lumefantrine-SDF combination in adults and children with malaria,   November 24, 2022
  AstraZeneca aims to redefine breast cancer care with new data across the treatment spectrum at SABCS 2022,   November 23, 2022
  Merck reports positive results from phase 3 KEYNOTE-859 trial of Keytruda in combo with chemotherapy to treat HER2-negative gastric or GEJ adenocarcinoma,   November 23, 2022
  Okyo Pharma files IND application with US FDA for development of OK-101 to treat dry eye disease,   November 22, 2022
  Viz.ai announces positive new data from large aortic dissection AI real-world study,   November 21, 2022
  Kyowa Kirin, MEI Pharma report positive data from phase 2 MIRAGE study of Zandelisib in patients with indolent B-cell NHL,   November 21, 2022
  Pfizer, BioNTech announce new data on Omicron BA.4/BA.5-adapted bivalent booster demonstrating improved immune response against emerging Omicron sublineages,   November 21, 2022
  SurModics announces 12 months clinical data from SWING trial presented at VEITHsymposium,   November 19, 2022
  VISEN Pharmaceuticals announces first time detailed clinical data from phase 3 trial of lonapegsomatropin,   November 19, 2022
  Astellas Pharma announces phase 3 SPOTLIGHT trial results evaluating efficacy and safety of zolbetuximab,   November 18, 2022
  Kinarus Therapeutics to explore partnership in China to fund phase 2 clinical trials of KIN001,   November 18, 2022
  Algernon Pharmaceuticals begins screening of first subject in phase 1 DMT human stroke study,   November 18, 2022
  Daiichi Sankyo announces results of booster vaccination trial of mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, DS-5670,   November 17, 2022
  OncoSec Medical announces clinical trial data from IST evaluating TAVO in combo with intravenous nivolumab,   November 17, 2022
  Roche updates GRADUATE trial results evaluating gantenerumab in early Alzheimer’s disease,   November 17, 2022
  Lytix Biopharma expands ATLAS-IT-05 study in three European countries,   November 16, 2022
  Innovent Biologics announces first participant dosed in phase 3 study of Mazdutide in Chinese adults with obesity,   November 16, 2022

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