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Special Features
  Informed consent and its significance,   June 22, 2022
  US to see rapid advances in therapy innovation,   June 15, 2022
  Role of artificial intelligence in clinical trials,   June 07, 2022
  South Indian pharma holds huge potential for growth,   June 01, 2022
  Challenges related to chronic kidney dialysis patients,   May 25, 2022
  Pharma solid dosage form preparation methods,   May 18, 2022
  Ayush advisory on guduchi,   May 11, 2022
  Professional oaths: Relevancy in changing world!,   May 04, 2022
  Health technology startups changing healthcare dynamics,   April 27, 2022
  NITI Aayog policy recommendations on integrative medicine,   April 19, 2022
  Practicing mindfulness is a skill to cope with general anxiety,   April 13, 2022
  Quality and training protocols produce better remote healthcare outcomes,   April 06, 2022
  Validation and data integrity in pharma world,   March 30, 2022
  Ayush advisory on Ashwagandha,   March 23, 2022
  Reckoning of computer aided drug development: A review,   March 16, 2022
  75th year of Pharmacy Act, 1948!,   March 09, 2022
  Export-import trends of tablet compression excipients,   March 01, 2022
  Assuring digital experience is key to accelerating transformation within India‚Äôs healthcare sector,   February 23, 2022
  Role of community pharmacist in renewed challenges posed by Covid-19 and its mutant to public health,   February 16, 2022
  Importance of blood glucose monitoring during Covid-19 pandemic,   February 16, 2022

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