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Special Features
  Automation, single-use technology help to create healthier world,   September 22, 2021
  Prospects of pharma industry in SAARC nations,   September 15, 2021
  Regional partnerships emerging as a key driver for mergers and acquisitions in healthcare sector,   September 08, 2021
  An insight into nanotechnology to combat zoonoses,   September 01, 2021
  The role of technology in evolving pharmaceutical sector,   August 18, 2021
  Claim of disease cure in Ayush system,   August 11, 2021
  An overview of Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry,   August 04, 2021
  Degree nomenclature issues in Ayush system of medicine,   July 28, 2021
  Covid-19 control and prevention initiatives should address the well-being of marginalised populations,   July 21, 2021
  Emerging metal detection tech trends in pharma industry,   July 14, 2021
  Pycnogenol®, the vascular multitasker,   July 12, 2021
  Hydrocel for superior sustained release formulations,   July 09, 2021
  Importance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients for health,   July 07, 2021
  Entrepreneurship – a feminine phenomenon,   June 30, 2021
  Does waiver of patent rights help availability of affordable Covid 19 vaccines to developing countries?,   June 23, 2021
  Current scene of metal detection in pharmaceutical industry,   June 16, 2021
  Pharmaceutical exports from India to Japan,   June 09, 2021
  Minimising anti-Covid-19 vaccine wastage!,   June 02, 2021
  Economics of alternative medicine in Covid management,   May 26, 2021
  India on developing vaccine - effectiveness & ingredients,   May 19, 2021

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